What We Do

Open Inclusion provides services in market and design research, user engagement, innovation, product, environment and service design.

We help businesses understand and access the market segments they may otherwise be missing, especially those with access needs such as people with permanent, temporary or situational impairments or of advanced age. 

We help businesses understand the needs of their broader customer segments as well as their workforce. We do this primarily through asking people with lived experience of access needs.

Our UK wide panel of over 500 people, with a range of impairments or just getting older, engage with us through a broad variety of methodologies. These cover quantitative, qualitative, behavioural and attitudinal research. We also conduct market research and value analysis drawing on our extensive database of nationally representative statistics covering all major age, disability and impairment categories.

Our experienced team can identify measurable business value and options to improve the usability and accessibility of a range of environments, including:

  • physical products and spaces
  • customer service / culture
  • current or emerging technology usage

We help identify practical innovations that improve user experiences, from an inclusion first perspective.

Businesses we work with can uncover powerful use cases and gain valuable initial experience with emerging technologies such as connected “smart” spaces, AI/machine learning, distributed ledger usage, autonomous vehicles, voice, haptics and other user interfaces or immersive technologies such as VR and AR. This experience often uncovers much broader mainstream use cases, having been initially created for very specific, strong unmet inclusion needs.

Are you sure that all your potential target customers or staff are being welcomed and provided for appropriately, irrespective of access needs, age or preferences?

If you would like assistance with any of the following services, please contact us.

  • Inclusive customer insight
  • Inclusive customer experience solutions
  • Inclusion-led innovation
  • Market research
  • User testing with hard to reach demographics
  • Strategy, brand, and policy
  • Workplace inclusion
  • Leadership and training