What We Do

We help organisations provide better experiences to more customers.

We work with our clients to identify which audiences may be missing from their customer base because they are currently unable to access the client’s products and services.

Then we help to create and prioritise solutions to include these missing potential customers and to provide them a richer customer experience.

We provide tailored support for each client to ensure that the impact of including more customers and providing better experiences is where they need it most, tailored to their products, market and business objectives.

Assess the Opportunity

Consumer Research and User Testing / Technical Audits / Organisation Maturity and Market Assessment

Solve for Today

Change Planning and Prioritisation / Technical Solutions / Training

Solve for Tomorrow

Strategy, Policy and Governance Support / Innovation Support / Measurement and Value Management

Assess the Opportunity

Consumer Research and User Testing

Our team have many years of experience in understanding and representing the needs of people with impairments.

However, we believe the best way for our clients to fully understand their customers’ experience is not listening to us, but listening to customers themselves. Qualitative user research and analysis of products, either in development or once launched, using products and services provides valuable insights. This is how we have gathered our expertise ourselves and keep it up to date.

Wheelchair basketball court shooting

We work with our clients to select the most cost-effective research methods to gain the insights they need, at the time they can most benefit from them. These include:

  • mystery shopping
  • focus groups
  • online testing
  • lab-based user testing of new products, services or equipment

Our panel of more than 300 people with various access needs allows us to source high-quality participants for research quickly, and to handle larger scale quantitative research when required.

Technical Audits

We provide expert testing to check compliance against global or national accessibility standards and regulations (e.g. WCAG 2.0, Section 508, CVAA), some of which we helped to create.

We provide clear, actionable reports and tools to help you prioritise the fixing of any issues found with your website, mobile app, or other service.

Organisation Maturity and Market Assessment

In addition to specific product or environment assessments, we provide organisational maturity assessments.

These review how well an organisation is structured and skilled to consistently produce products and services that are accessible every time. We test the robustness of embedded inclusion to manage as new technologies arrive, new products and services are released, physical or virtual environments vary and staff leave and arrive.

Embedded, strategic inclusion covers company strategy and policy, governance, training, communications (both internal and external), capture of useful metrics, and the ability to adapt and improve.

Solve for Today


Inclusion requires different things from staff with different job roles. So we provide a suite of role-based courses that may benefit your staff or suppliers, which we tailor to your specific services, products, current competence and culture:

  • Disability and accessibility awareness
  • Digital accessibility legal requirements
  • Digital accessibility auditing
  • Accessibility for developers
  • Accessibility for digital project managers
  • Accessibility for visual and UX designers
  • Accessibility for content authors (authoring accessible text, images, audio and video, PDFs and social media)
  • Accessibility for Quality Assurance (QA) testers
  • Accessibility for procurement professionals
  • Embedding accessibility: – governance, tools and processes
Open team at work

Change Planning and Prioritisation

We help our clients assess the order of priority to address identified barriers to inclusion. This maximises the impact of change. This prioritisation takes into account the value that’s able to be captured in terms of new customers, the likely growth of customer loyalty and value, and the risks and other future costs to be avoided.

Once prioritised, we can help develop a work programme with the strongest mix of internal and external resources to resolve the agreed issues in efficient delivery packages. We take time to understand the constraints, capabilities and process preferences of each organisation to ensure the change planning sets a path that maximises its potential for successful delivery.

Technical Solutions

We have a range of consultants that are true experts in applying inclusion in their fields – web and mobile development, quality assurance, digital and physical environment design, research, customer service, innovation, project management, staff inclusion, strategy, governance and executive leadership. Besides finding a great solution to your needs, they have the experience to know the smoothest path to get you to your intended goal, within your organisational culture.

Where we don’t have the required expertise permanently in house, we have a close network of associates and alliance partners who are the best in their fields, so that we can always offer you the expertise you require to solve the problem at hand; simply and completely.

Solve for Tomorrow

Strategy, Policy and Governance Support

Open looks to make businesses, teams and processes inclusive. We like to embed a legacy extending well past our engagement. To do this we help clients develop or strengthen:

  • Inclusion strategy, executive leadership and management
  • Internal standards and guidelines
  • Design guides, code and pattern libraries creation
  • Staff and supplier training and accreditation
  • QA strategy, processes and tools
  • Internal expert team development
Man using a computer

Our strategic accessibility expertise comes from having helped a wide range of clients – from start-ups to multi-nationals, from entertainment to banking – on their journey to accessibility maturity, and having authored the UK code of practice in this area, BS8878.

We want our clients to mature to the point they no longer need our services. It may seem an odd strategy, but we believe we are of more value teaching you to embed inclusion competently, internally, rather than doing it for you. There are plenty more businesses needing our services, so we aim to empower you the skills and tools to embed and manage inclusion independently and sustainably.

Innovation Support

We help clients create an environment that is conducive to breakthrough innovations. Thinking differently, through the perspective of specific, more extreme users’ needs, can help businesses generate fresh ideas of very broad application, appeal and value.

We run product and service innovation workshops with people with disabilities to help identify challenges, strong use cases and unmet needs. We bring in experts in adaptive technologies and alternate user interfaces used by people with disabilities to consider how these ideas can help our clients create better products and enhanced user experiences. What is required by some is often appreciated by many.

ROI Measurement and Value Management

Beyond avoiding failure, we help you learn and win the forward game. We help our clients understand and measure the impact of their inclusion program.

We use our regularly updated access needs data, alongside your internal data, to help you measure, assess and optimise the value from your inclusion project or business as usual programme. We look to maximise your Return on Investment Inclusion, which we call ROI2.