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Simply Open Awards 2023

Recognising and sharing practical, simple life hacks across the disability community.

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Do you have a life hack that has helped you overcome some of the barriers or exclusion you face? Would you like to help other people do the same? If so, join many others in the disability community to share your ideas and learn from others, and you could win up to £1,500.

Global sponsors for 2023

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Sponsorship opportunities available. Email – simplyopenawards@openinclusion.com

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A lifting magnet to lift objects

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Identifying objects with a hairband

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Communication for ADHD

What are the Simply Open Awards?

We have created an awards programme to bring attention to the solutions that disabled people, and the people in their lives, hack and use.

To apply, you need to record and send up to a 5-minute video* that shows a hack you use to make life with a disability better.  It doesn’t matter how large or small your solution is: if you know it makes a difference, we want you to tell us about it.

*If recording a video is not accessible to you, we do allow other formats such as photos, supporting word documents or audio files.

In your application, explain the problem that you are solving, and how your solution helps.  Maybe your solution helps you, or someone in your life, to be more independent, or to be more comfortable, or to feel happier. Explain how!

Read our terms and conditions

Eligibility, timelines, categories and prizes

Are you eligible to apply for awards?

Please apply if:

  1. You have a disability or specific access needs; OR
  2. You are a carer, friend, colleague, teacher, or family member of someone with disability or access needs.

And you live in either:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Ireland
  3. United States
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand
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Timeline for this years awards

  1. 18th May 2023 – Applications open
  2. 22nd September 2023 – Applications close
  3. 27th September 2023 – Judging starts
  4. 1st December 2023 – Simple Open Award Winners announced
  5. January 2024 – Global Discovery Award Winners announced
  6. February 2024 – Zero Project Conference


We will have prizes in different categories of up to £1,500

  • 1st – £1,500
  • 2nd – £1,000
  • 3rd – £750
  • 4th – £250 
  • 5th – £100

Become a Community Partner for our awards?

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If you have a community that might be interested in taking part and you want to help spread the word about these awards to your community. Please contact us on: simplyopenawards@

To support our Community Partners. We have an additional 2 prizes to award two organisations that encourage their members to submit the most significant number of solutions to the Simply Open Awards.

1st – £2,500

2nd – £1,000


Our panel lead Samantha is talking to an audience in a light room. Other panel leads are sat behind Samantha on a funky green sofa.

Will you go to Zero Project 2024, at the UN in Vienna

The Simply Open Awards is part of a global initiative called Global Discovery Awards, in partnership with Enable India, EI Labs, Enable Me and Billion Strong.  

Through the Discovery Awards global partnership, other countries are running similar awards programmes in their regions.

Winners from each country will be put forward to a judging panel as part of the Global Discovery Awards in December 2023. Overall, two global winners will be selected and have the opportunity to present their solutions in front of world leaders at the Zero Project Conference at the United Nations in Vienna, in February 2024. Trip expenses will be covered by the global sponsor, Zero Project.
Open Inclusion and the partners from Discovery Awards and one of the winners all grouped together for a team photo at Zero Project conference in the corridors of the UN in Vienna.

Join our Open Inclusion Community and socials

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Would you like to share the opportunity to bring together a great selection of practical solutions that we can all learn from? Together we will celebrate the creativity across the community.

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