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We work to inform you more powerfully by asking positively
different people in delightfully inclusive ways.

Inclusive research

A women is using her hand to navigate an onscreen form on a mobile

Inclusive design

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Inclusive innovation

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Inclusive research and

Broader is better. Evidencing your decisions from a more complete range of perspectives

Illustration: a speaker whose words are live-captioned on a screen: "can I confirm that what you are saying is..."

More broadly, evidencing the
decisions that impact your future.

Inclusive insights require inclusive practices.

We are specialist disability-inclusive researchers. Our team are leaders in this space with needs-specific research skills and practices earned over decades of experience.

Our research is accessible, inclusive, practical and innovative, grounded in our experience and always evolving.

Inclusive insights require inclusive practices.

Our community has been delivering insight to improve products and services since 1998. It is the heart of Open Inclusion. From framing to finishing, we involve those with lived experiences as co-creators, not just participants.

This ensures we ask the right questions of the most relevant range of people, in the most delightfully inclusive way.

Illustration: a remote meeting with participants running a digital whiteboard
Illustration: a woman in a wheechair operates a spotlight that shines an image of a lighbulb into the sky

Broader insights offer better insights.

The hidden cost of poor or incomplete research is lower quality decisions that miss outcomes and opportunities. We have the experience, practices, co-creation approach and adaptability to orient broader insights around your research objectives.

Disability and age-inclusive
design approches


  • Usability testing
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Mystery or accompanied shopping
  • Ethnographies
  • Diary studies
  • In-depth interviews
  • Guerilla testing and insight


  • Keynote speakers
  • Meet your customer
  • Heuristic / expert feedback
  • Expert interviews
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Inclusive research training



  1. Usability testing
  2. Focus groups
  3. Surveys
  4. Mystery or accompanied shopping
  5. Ethnographies
  6. Diary studies
  7. In-depth interviews
  8. Guerilla testing and insight


Inclusive research and engagement case studies

Audience of the Future innovation

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Audience of the Future innovation

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Improving retail shopper experiences

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Inclusive design

Designing solutions that we can all use and love.`

Design happens. With or without inclusive consideration.

We all influence the world around us and create experiences for ourselves and others. Here at Open Inclusion we help you practice human centred design where we actively consider which humans are the centre of the design.

Illustration: a hand hammers a square peg into a round hole
Illustration: three people sit around an unopened box, their thought bubbles mirror different logos on the box

Solutions designed with and by the community.

We help you co-create solutions that everyone can use and appreciate. Identify great ideas and build these into reality with and by those with diverse lived experience. “Nothing without us” captures our approach of designing with the communities that each solution serves.

Start at the edges. A little, early and often.

It’s most efficient to engage people with specific strong access needs or perspectives early in the design process. This saves needing to “fix” barriers accidentally created once the costs to do so are higher later.
Illustrtation: a curb cut comes in handy for a wheelchair user, a skateboarder, and a family with a scooter and buggy

Inclusive Design Approaches

  • Communications and branding
  • Physical product
  • Built environment
  • Customer  Services
  • Digital experience
Group 332

“When we design for disability first, we often stumble upon solutions that are not only inclusive, but also are often better than when we design for the norm.

Let people with disabilities help you look sideways, and in the process, solve some of the greatest problems.”

Elise Roy US Attorney and Inclusive Designer, VP Salesforce

Inclusive innovation

Inclusion-led innovation for more sustainable differentiation

Better for one, better for all.

Elevate your ideas above the “norm.” Design with uncommon perspectives so you can create uncommonly valuable and usable solutions.

Solutions that some people appreciate all of the time and everyone appreciates some of the time. Solutions that are more resilient to future changes.

Illustration: a flower shape. with different shappents inside the flower, all connected together with lines. In the center is insights, lightbuls cogs, and driver representing inclusive innovation

Socially sustainable solutions.

Purpose-led organisations benefit not just from delivering to those who benefit directly, but also from workforce talent and other consumers who appreciate considerations made to historically underserved communities.

If we are just buying a product, then it will be subjected to comparison on all fronts. If we buy on alignment of purpose, inclusive brands are naturally elevated above their peers.

The world’s largest underserved

This community is global, large, valuable, growing, and getting more discerning in their expectations. It is an ideal target strategic market with high loyalty and strong word-of-mouth experience sharing to others with similar considerations.

Illustration: a global, with the land in mini icons of people, with lines connecting countries, to represent a connected world.

Inclusive Innovation Approaches

Group 332

“Innovation without clear purpose is experimentation.”

Michael Kouly
Business Strategist,
CEO Cambridge Institute of Global Leadership,
World Bank Fellow

We help you improve
the design of your
products, services,
communication or
Our work is underpinned by our Inclusive Customer Experience (CX) Canvas, Inclusive Employee Experience (EX) Canvas, and Inclusion-led Innovation Framework.
Please reach out to us at contact@openinclusion.com to learn more about each of these

underpinned by our inclusive customer experience canvas we work with teams to understand who may be missing out on the experience today due to specific access needs or disabilities.

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