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We love hearing from interested and interesting people.

Please contact us

  • to learn how our disability and age-inclusion services can strengthen your business
  • to ask about a specific inclusive research project you would like some support with
  • to discuss an event you would like to conduct including customers who are older or have disabilities
  • to understand how we can support entrepreneurial startups, an accelerator or innovation programme you are running
  • to understand what disability and age-inclusive staff training programmes we have or can develop bespoke for your needs (in person, online live or e-learning)
  • to share your interest in joining our team
  • to find out more about joining our community
  • to hear where we are speaking next, or
  • to share something of interest about disability or age-inclusion or exclusion that you think we would love to know (remember curious is an Open value!)

Email us at contact@openinclusion.com

To phone us please call on UK +44 20 3950 1957, for the US +1 (903) 650-9470

You can WhatsApp us using text, voice or video (for sign language users if you have an interpreter to dial in also) on +44 7597 670252.

If you have any feedback on the language used in this website please provide your language feedback here.

If you have any feedback regarding the accessibility of the website or community platform please provide your accessibility feedback here.

Coming to our office?

Currently we often use office space at our partner offices (AMV BBDO our AMVxOpen partner) at 3 Bankside Place Southwark Street when conducting research in London. If you are meeting us there, you can find directions here.
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