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A mobile phone with "Open" written on it

Open Inclusion’s Services

A short video interview with Christine Hemphill that gives an overview of the services that Open Inclusion provide, and the value these services can deliver to our clients.

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An beautifully designed accessible washroom
Open podcast

Open podcast – Inclusive design in the built environment

In this blog, with attached video or podcast of interviews with Ed Warner and Steven Mifsud, we investigate inclusive design in the built environment. From design crimes to aspirational products, we look at what makes physical space more enjoyable and usable for a wide range of people including those with specific access needs.

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Marianne Waite speaking at a conference with a t-shirt on that reads "we all have very special needs".
Open podcast

Valuable 500 Podcast 2, with Marianne Waite

Part 2 of 2 in our podcast series on the Valuable 500 Campaign. In this episode, Martyn interviews Marianne Waite the Campaign Director of Valuable 500 and Christine Hemphill Open Inclusion’s Managing Director.

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