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A book shelf with many titles about business and inclusion filling the shelf

The best inclusive goodness to enjoy from home

A collection of inclusive goodness to enjoy while we are all in lockdown. A selection of music, books and films that the team at Open Inclusion have enjoyed and would recommend. Please help us continue to add to this collection with your favourites!

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I youth wearing a black t-shirt that says "I am not immune"

Changing lines and impacts of inclusion and exclusion

The lines and impacts of inclusion and exclusion have shifted dramatically. We have developed a simple inclusive design approach for a very rapidly unfolding period of change. This is to help businesses reduce risks to consumers and staff, including those with disabilities or other specific risks through this period, as well as looking to create additional value where opportunities exist.

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A sign on a shop door that reads "Come In We're Open"

We are Open and here to help

Open Inclusion offers remote inclusive research and insight, design and innovation support. Inclusion is changing under the influence of the global novel coronavirus pandemic, both in where it is impacting people and the consequences of it. We are here, working and very willing to help organisations navigate these changes.

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A busy train station in London with many travellers blurred through movement
Open podcast

Podcast – Inclusive innovation in transport (Part 2)

In our latest podcast Open’s Martyn Sibley interviews David Dew-Veal from KPMG and Jo Reid from Calvium. They are discussing some of the challenges and opportunities relating to inclusive transport solutions, innovation and information.

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A woman looking upwards wearing a VR headset

Enhancing reality by design for us all

Open recently presented to Immerse UK on how inclusive design can enhance the emergence of immersive technologies, including VR and AR. This article summarises the insights shared in that paper and provides a link to it.

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Do you feel vulnerable today?

Customer vulnerability is a hot topic right now. We discuss what it is, how customers think about it, and how to design services that support very fluid personal circumstances that may make people more or less at risk of poor customer experience, inappropriate service or a detrimental outcome.

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