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Axe-con presentation showing a slide, Christine and Tom presenting and a sign language interpreter

Would you like to learn more about inclusive design?

We have virtually been to a number of good conferences online lately and listened to some great new podcasts. All have a connection to our key focus areas of inclusive insight, design and innovation. We’d love to share some of the best with you.

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A YouTube video header with a green background and Subsector Shorts in white text

Designing for all

A short discussion with Subsector, a strategic innovation agency about inclusive design and innovation.

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A wheelchair user with a tablet mounted in front of them oriented to landscape mode.

Mobile UX – orientation

Today I was asked by a client about mobile UX design as it relates to phone orientation. The app in question didn’t break the WCAG

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Older lady wearing mask. She is behind a window

New, different and important. Post COVID-19 Inclusive Insights.

The current health crisis from COVID-19, the related lockdown and broader financial implications have rapidly transformed our society and how our customers and staff can and do engage with us. For the past 6 weeks, Open Inclusion has run a pan-disability, inter-generational diary study. We are now sharing insights from this to help businesses refresh their understanding of where and how difficulties or barriers are limiting people with disabilities and what they are most appreciating through this extraordinary period. We hope that this will help us all adapt to these changes faster and more smoothly, ensuring people are not excluded from important services.


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A book shelf with many titles about business and inclusion filling the shelf

The best inclusive goodness to enjoy from home

A collection of inclusive goodness to enjoy while we are all in lockdown. A selection of music, books and films that the team at Open Inclusion have enjoyed and would recommend. Please help us continue to add to this collection with your favourites!

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