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Open Inclusion and AMV BBDO launch AMVxOpen

Coinciding with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 19th May, AMV BBDO is launching AMVxOpen, a new partnership which will work with brands to find accessibility and disability-inclusive experience gaps to develop solutions that better attract and serve all customers. 

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Open podcast

A new podcast series: Open UP

Open Inclusion have launched a new podcast series called Open UP: Unlimit Potential. In this first episode of the new series, Juliette Burton, our host, and Christine Hemphill, Managing Director of Open Inclusion share thoughts on the new series, what excites us about inclusive insight, design and innovation, and more!

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AI for Good? AI for Harm?

AI can be a powerful enabling tool or a damaging discriminatory tool depending on how it is used, who is creating the algorithms and for what purpose. Now is the time to engage in the debate, create guardrails and guidelines that help AI technology be the useful and efficient enabler it can be, and limit it capturing and amplifying biases or direct discrimination.

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Braille display as an assistive technology for blind computer users who read braille

Assessing the Impact of Assistive Technology Policies and Programmes

Our Managing Director, Christine co-authored a paper on the economics of assistive technology (AT) programmes and policies with three international experts in this field. It investigated how to best determine how valuable an assistive technology programme has been, comparing the total costs against the overall impacts.

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