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Two people stand beside a large screen. One is a brown man with cool hair and funky clothing, the other is a white woman with bobbed blond hair wearing designer black. On the screen it reads "Technology is too important to be left to technologists. We need everybody to hold technology to account" Stephanie Hare
Inclusive Innovation

Ethical and inclusive AI – a powerfully positive workshop

AI is increasingly infusing our professional and personal lives. How ethical and inclusive it will be depends on how we design it and who informs that. A recent workshop sparked some thoughts on some of the challenges and opportunities this new wave of technologies may bring. 

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Three LEGO figurines hold a yellow and white straw
Inclusive research

Straws as an assistive technology

Recently the team at Open have had the pleasure of working with two major global beverage companies considering how disabled people buy, carry, open, consume

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Team members from Daivergent kneel beside a banner that says: "Daivergent: empowering neurodiverse individuals to help society unlock the power of data"

Daivergent Job Readiness

Daivergent’s mission is to equip people with disabilities with the resources they need to maximize their potential and to empower their champions to join them on their lifelong journey.

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The Fiverr Empower Program

A Fiverr Program that supports people with disabilities to build their professional experience and to provide freelance employment opportunities through the Fiverr Platform.

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