We would love to hear about your experience creating, supporting or managing digital solutions

By Christine Hemphill | 26th September 2022

Open Inclusion are delighted to be collaborating with AbilityNet helping design, run and analyse a digital accessibility survey. It is designed to offer us a better understanding of how organisations are approaching digital accessibility and inclusion. We’d love to know what makes accessibility easier or more difficult from the perspectives of those involved in digital service provision.       

Can you help us?

Are you part of an organisation that delivers digital solutions or services? Please complete our short survey to share what you think about digital accessibility and play your part in forming a snapshot of how organisations worldwide are approaching making their digital services more accessible.

This research will help us inform better knowledge sharing, services and solutions that address the things that are most relevant to you when creating accessible and inclusive digital services.

All respondents will be able to access the results of the survey on the AbilityNet website from 17 November 2022. This is when, along with AbilityNet, we will deliver key insights at AbilityNet’s fabulous annual TechShare Pro conference.

Share the opportunity to influence this research

This survey benefits from being completed by the widest range of respondents across a range of roles, industries, geographies and organisations. We need your help to share the survey, to reach as many people as possible.

Please share the survey link with your colleagues, across your network, and in particular with those in leadership roles or directly involved in developing or managing digital solutions, to gauge their attitude towards digital accessibility.


We look forward to sharing the results with you shortly.