Good design is inclusive design

The information board in a train station

Let’s talk about inclusive research, design, innovative digital solutions and rail travel. Tom Pokinko, our Research Director at Open was interviewed last month by the lovely team at Calvium on a range of topics including inclusive research, design and innovation.

A dyslexia infographic

An image of a book shop window. There is a circle of books all resting on each other. Behind you can see the books for sale in the shop.

For Dyslexia Awareness Week we have created a 5 minutes overview of this very common form of cognitive diversity.

More than Normal

A boy, midair above the ocean grabbing both feet behind him

With Dyslexia Awareness Week underway this week, I thought I would share some personal insights from my home on dyslexia, the over-rated concept of ‘normal’ and adapting to difference.

How my dyslexia has shaped me – Sam’s Story

A woman in mid 40s looking up and smiling wearing a black and white jacket. She has a name tag on which reads "Samantha Fletcher"

Samantha is the Community Lead for our neuro-diverse community in the Open Inclusion panel. She is also Head of Fellowship Services at RSA, London and has an MA in Disability Studies. She has been involved volunteering for and working with dyslexia organisations for over 20 years. As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week #positivedyslexia2017 she would […]