Ethical and inclusive AI – a powerfully positive workshop

Two people stand beside a large screen. One is a brown man with cool hair and funky clothing, the other is a white woman with bobbed blond hair wearing designer black. On the screen it reads "Technology is too important to be left to technologists. We need everybody to hold technology to account" Stephanie Hare

AI is increasingly infusing our professional and personal lives. How ethical and inclusive it will be depends on how we design it and who informs that. A recent workshop sparked some thoughts on some of the challenges and opportunities this new wave of technologies may bring. 

AI for Good? AI for Harm?

A glass prism sits on top of sheet with white dots on a black background. It magnifies the dots on the paper below it.

AI can be a powerful enabling tool or a damaging discriminatory tool depending on how it is used, who is creating the algorithms and for what purpose. Now is the time to engage in the debate, create guardrails and guidelines that help AI technology be the useful and efficient enabler it can be, and limit it capturing and amplifying biases or direct discrimination.