Our MC never said a word. He was brilliant!

Ed facilitating the panel discussion

Our MC never said a word. However, he was wonderfully eloquent all day. At our web accessibility event earlier this year Ed Richards was our MC. He was fabulous, always insightful, often funny, kept us aware of what and who was coming next and to time.  He is also Deaf, and as a BSL speaker is heard through his interpreter, in this case, Tony. What a team!  Considering what people are, rather than what they are not, allowed us to engage the best person for the job.

The start of Open Banking – an inclusive guide

On the 13th of January 2018, new banking legislation took force in the UK. We look at what “Open Banking” could mean for consumers, especially those with digital access needs such as disabled or older customers and those with lower digital confidence or skills.

It can still be awkward. That’s OK

Image of a man leaning down smiling

There can be moments in anyone’s day that just feel a bit awkward. You stand back for someone to go through a door, they do the same, then you both try and go through at the same time. Oops. Laughing, you both stand back again. In dealing with disabled people it can sometimes be awkward too.