Changing lines and impacts of inclusion and exclusion

I youth wearing a black t-shirt that says "I am not immune"

The lines and impacts of inclusion and exclusion have shifted dramatically. We have developed a simple inclusive design approach for a very rapidly unfolding period of change. This is to help businesses reduce risks to consumers and staff, including those with disabilities or other specific risks through this period, as well as looking to create additional value where opportunities exist.

We are Open and here to help

A sign on a shop door that reads "Come In We're Open"

Open Inclusion offers remote inclusive research and insight, design and innovation support. Inclusion is changing under the influence of the global novel coronavirus pandemic, both in where it is impacting people and the consequences of it. We are here, working and very willing to help organisations navigate these changes.

Open Inclusion’s Services

A mobile phone with "Open" written on it

A short video interview with Christine Hemphill that gives an overview of the services that Open Inclusion provide, and the value these services can deliver to our clients.

Valuable 500 Podcast 2, with Marianne Waite

Marianne Waite speaking at a conference with a t-shirt on that reads "we all have very special needs".

Part 2 of 2 in our podcast series on the Valuable 500 Campaign. In this episode, Martyn interviews Marianne Waite the Campaign Director of Valuable 500 and Christine Hemphill Open Inclusion’s Managing Director.

Valuable 500 podcast with Dr. Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey in a black t-shirt with #valuable written on it. She is in an office with floor to ceiling glass window behind her through which you can see a river and city with hills beyond.

Martyn Sibley interviews Dr Caroline Casey, a disability activist who is calling on 500 companies to put inclusion of people with disabilities or other access needs at the forefront of their agendas through the Valuable 500 campaign, which was launched last month at Davos.

Top down and bottom up – gaining powerful inclusive insights

Tom and Christine presenting at London A11y Meetup

At the London Accessibility Meetup for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2018 Open Inclusion delivered a presentation on how to gain quality insights to help support the greatest value and improvement in customer inclusion. What questions to ask, of who, and how?

Extreme innovation. Extremely good design

Old 1950s typewriter

Understanding the needs of customers with disabilities provides strong use cases for innovation leveraging current and emerging technology. Inclusion-led innovation is the process by which businesses can gather insight and design significant product or service improvements.

Open podcast, Episode 2 – Inclusive retail customer experience

Shani out shopping

In this episode, Open Inclusion’s Community Lead Martyn Sibley talks with 3 disabled consumers about their experiences in the retail environment. Julie Fernandez, Dave Padgen and Shani Dhanda each share their retail experiences as consumers with access needs. They describe what good customer experience is for them, as well as what can cause difficulty or […]