Assessing the Impact of Assistive Technology Policies and Programmes

Braille display as an assistive technology for blind computer users who read braille

Our Managing Director, Christine co-authored a paper on the economics of assistive technology (AT) programmes and policies with three international experts in this field. It investigated how to best determine how valuable an assistive technology programme has been, comparing the total costs against the overall impacts.

Making the most of Landmark Roles

Landmark roles are important for screen reader users, to help them navigate their way around a web page. This post looks at how landmark roles are defined, and how you can extend their use with labels to give users the best experience.

The start of Open Banking – an inclusive guide

On the 13th of January 2018, new banking legislation took force in the UK. We look at what “Open Banking” could mean for consumers, especially those with digital access needs such as disabled or older customers and those with lower digital confidence or skills.