Simply Open Awards 2022 – Winners to be announced

By Christine Hemphill | 21st November 2022

Open Inclusion, the global disability-inclusive innovation and design group, earlier this year launched the Simply Open Awards on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), 19th May 2022. The winners are to be announced on the International Day of Persons with a Disability, December 3rd, 2022 at 1 pm UK time and again at 1 pm East Coast USA. 

The Simply Open Awards are a part of the global Discovery Awards led by Enable India and sponsored by Zero Project with two overall winners from across all award partners being selected to go to Zero Project 2023 in Vienna. The Simply Open Awards were made possible by our global sponsors, Eli-Lilly, AMV BBDO and Fiverr

The Simply Open Awards are a competition offering individuals with any disability or other specific access needs, (such as an assistant, friend, colleague, teacher or family member) to demonstrate a solution they have created to better manage access challenges in a way that enhances independence, capability or joy. This can be something new or adapting an existing product or solution to fit that person’s requirements.  

Christine Hemphill, Open Inclusion Managing Director said: 

“Open Inclusion is delighted to have completed the inaugural Simply Open Awards with our partner Enable India and our wonderful global sponsors. The winners have shown the true essence of why we launched the awards – to find and celebrate creative ingenuity across the disability community!. We look forward to expanding the awards further next year.” 

Applicants were asked to submit a video up to 5 minutes long showing their solution, and how it reduces experiences of exclusion or improves access and independence. Key criteria was focused on the frugality, low-cost and innovation of the solution. 

On judging the Communication category, AMV BBDO’s Senior Strategists Beatrice Farmelo and Mike Alhadeff say, “We’ve loved being a part of the Simply Open Awards. It was a privilege to see all the clever and inventive solutions people living with disabilities develop as they face barriers in their everyday life. It really highlighted the scale of collective knowledge and expertise within the community, which we hope will inspire the rest of society at large. 

Simply Open Awards received a total of 60 applications, of which 45 qualified for judging of which 15 people were shortlisted. On December 3rd, the winners will be announced alongside £10,000 of awards. Applications were received from the US, Canada, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Darren Rowan, Global Program Manager and Accessibility Lead from Eli-Lilly and sponsors of the Daily Living and Well Being category said, “The awards emphasized the real innovative spirit that we always knew existed for people with disabilities as they navigate a world that consists of barriers and difficult terrain.  They brought great visibility to what some of these barriers are in a range of different areas including sensory impairments, mobility challenges, caring responsibilities and mental health support.

Tune in and watch the live stream across Open Inclusion’s social media channels on December 3rd, 2022 at 1pm!




Simply Open Awards a part of the Global Discovery Awards. Winners announced 1-2pm UK and USA. Sponsored by Lilly, AMVBBDO and Fiverr

Notes for editors

Open Inclusion – Open Inclusion provides services in market research, user insight, innovation and service design. They help businesses understand and access the market segments they may otherwise be missing, especially those with access needs such as people with permanent, temporary or situational impairments or of advanced age. Open Inclusion founded the Simply Open Awards in 2022 as a partner to the global Discovery Awards extending this innovative award programme to the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Discovery Awards is a video-based competition run by Enable India to discover delightful solutions that people with disabilities or access needs have created to overcome exclusion or access challenges. The videos from the competition are being collected and will later be shared through an online database that will be publicly accessible to anyone around the world, allowing others to find, use or adapt creative, inclusive solutions. Partners of Discovery Awards include Google, EnableMe, and Essl Foundation.

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