Open podcast: inclusive design for physical products and environments

By Christine Hemphill | 30th September 2019

Our latest podcast is the second in our two-part series on inclusive design in physical products and environments.

In this edition, Martyn talks first to Tom Pokinko our Research Director about a range of projects Open has been involved in to improve physical environments for disabled customers.

One of these projects supported a client assess and work with the city council to improve their step-free access to a Grade 2 heritage-listed building in the high street. The solution is beautiful, in keeping with the building and far more accessible to all users requiring step-free access, whether wheelchair users or parents with a pram.

In another project, Open and our panel have been involved in co-designing an app, to help passengers who are neurodiverse to plan and manage the experience of railway stations more independently and with greater confidence and ease. This is done by providing the information that is most relevant to them such as real-time crowding levels, location of quiet areas and photos of the station to get used to it prior to traveling.

“By using digital technology in a physical environment, we can improve physical environment accessibility” 

Our second guest is Dr. Chris McGinley the Senior Research Associate and Project Manager at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. He shares his experience in bringing innovative and inclusive design ideas to life through prototyping and testing with a broad range of potential users including those who are older or disabled.  His story of the London cab redesign is excellent. Enjoy listening to this story and more via the video or podcast links below!

Here is the video format

 Or here is the podcast if you prefer sound only

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about accessibility and inclusive design in physical spaces and products, please contact us.

Open Inclusion are specialists in user insight, including experience assessments and co-design. We can assess your physical customer experience from a very broad range of perspectives including those with diverse sensory, physical and cognitively abilities and approaches. We also design and facilitate co-design workshops to generate and inform new concepts. For this we draw on our fabulous panel of over 400 people with a wide range of access needs, ages, interests, approaches, and styles.

If you have lived experience of disability or are over 65 years old and are interested in joining our panel you can sign up here. This wonderful group do paid, well-designed and highly regarded research where they share their perspective on places, service, experiences or ideas. Would you like to constructively share your perspectives also? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.