Good design is inclusive design

By Tom Pokinko | 8th May 2019

Let’s talk about inclusive research, design, innovative digital solutions and rail travel. Tom Pokinko, our Research Director at Open was interviewed last month by the lovely team at Calvium. He talked with them on a range of topics including inclusive research, design and innovation.

Open Inclusion are delighted to be involved in a very exciting project currently with Bristol-based design agency Calvium, as well as Transport for London and Catapult Connected Places. The project is considering how to improve the experience of neuro-diverse travellers through stations and designing a digital solution. Open are providing the user research (survey and focus groups), design input and in-situ usability testing to support the development of a practical, inclusive and enjoyable digital app. It will help reduce the challenge of travel through stations for people who think differently, such as those with dementia, on the Autism spectrum, who are impacted by significant anxiety or who learn differently.

Our design partners at Calvium interviewed Tom on a range of topics to do with accessibility, inclusion, and digital design. Please head over to their blog site here to enjoy the article.

We are well underway with the research and really look forward to seeing it manifest itself into a great design solution over the next 8 months. Come back here in December to see what was created!

If you are interested in creating something truly user-centred and innovative, please contact us to see how we could support your design and development with rich “lead user” insights that will expand your creative thinking and strengthen the value of your solution. If you are interested in reading more about Inclusion-led Innovation, please check out our blog here on the topic that we wrote following a presentation at an Unconference last year.


A tube station in London reflected through an advertisement. The advertising is a poster with a red and white swirl. There is a man with a backpack reflected next to the swirl

A tube station in London reflected through an advertisement