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The Fiverr Empower Program

Christine H

February 16, 2023

Christine H

February 16, 2023

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Supported by Open Inclusion

A Fiverr Program that supports people with disabilities build their professional experience and to provide freelance employment opportunities through the Fiverr Platform

Find out more information about the Fiverr Empower Program here.

  • Provides inclusive training and personalized support; and
  • Helps to generate ongoing work opportunities through the Fiverr Platform

What to expect from the Fiverr Empower Program?

3 weeks of onboarding support from the Fiverr Empower Team, which includes:

  • 2-hour virtual group meetings per week with a Fiverr Program Lead
  • Help to promote you on the platform with tips and perks only offered to Fiverr Empower participants
  • Ongoing support from the Empower team after on-boarding for as long as you are a Fiverr Seller

Support offered throughout the program:

  • Intro to Fiverr Empower community in addition to broader Sellers Community
  • How to build your profile to attract Buyers in a 1-to-1 session
  • Profile development support
  • How to engage and attract clients
  • Help to understand financial collections and payments on Fiverr Platform
  • Best practices on the Fiverr Empower platform
  • ongoing support from Fiverr as needed including a dedicated channel to ask questions

How and Why Open Inclusion is supporting the Fiverr Empower Program

Open Inclusion is supporting Fiverr to share their unique program with the global pan- disability community through providing recommendations to the Fiverr Team on how to best improve the freelance service experience to be inclusive and accessible.

Open Inclusion is a separate organization to Fiverr and is not responsible for the Fiverr platform or the program, which is run and delivered by Fiverr.

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