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Clusiv -Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce for the Blind Community

Christine H

March 13, 2023

Christine H

March 13, 2023

picture of computer desk with screen and support golden Labrador withMobility cane leaning against the desk



Supported by Open Inclusion

Clusiv is the world’s first E-learning platform built for the blind community to help remove barriers to employment through courses on occupational, technology and career skills.
Clusiv’s E-learning platform is an accessible and intuitive experience for students.  The courses are self-paced and offer students access to their Student Success Team for integrated support.

Program and training offerings

Clusiv offers a variety of programs, which can be found by Clicking Here.  The most popular course is the Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce.  There is a version for JAWS users and a version for Zoom Text and Fusion Users.

This course teaches students the basics of JAWS or Zoom Text to help students apply the skills to business software in the modern workforce with modules on Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google docs, Google sheets, Zoom, resume and interview preparation, and more.

Additional courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science with JAWS
  • Accessibility analyst
  • Customer service
  • Internet safety
  • Financial literacy
  • College readiness

What to expect from the program

  • Accessible and intuitive experience for students.
  • Self-paced course with support from Clusiv’s Student Success Team.
  •  Engaging, fun, and in-depth training.
  • Assistance in helping to build job pipelines as a goal to help graduates find employment, increase their income, and move up in their career.
  • Graduates are seven times more likely to reach their employment goals compared to most traditional means.
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How and why Open Inclusion is supporting Clusiv

Open Inclusion is supporting Clusiv to offer intentional, inclusive and high quality training programs for the blind community. 

By helping to connect Open Inclusion community members to intentional employment resources and trainings offered by Clusiv, this will help to further break down barriers in the employment landscape for people with disabilities to find more meaningful work.

Open Inclusion is a separate organization to Clusiv and is not responsible for the Clusiv platform or the program, which is run and delivered by Clusiv.

picture of computer desk with screen and support golden Labrador withMobility cane leaning against the desk
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