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Inclusive design

Paper kitchen roll/towel uses, usability, packaging and branding

Christine H

February 15, 2023

Christine H

February 15, 2023


To understand usability challenges for disabled consumers for this product category. To design better packaging that was easier to use. To develop more impactful, relevant and resonate branding (on the product and in advertising).

Type of project:

Inclusive design




Consumer goods


Physical product


We surveyed a wide group of customers in terms of pan-disability and other demographics and characteristics of various brands of paper towel to understand current usage and identify opportunities. We then run a diary study, including ethnographic video capture using the specific brand over a period of time, with two depth interviews per participant at each end of it.


Clear innovation, design and representation/branding directions were identified. Use cases for the product were much more deeply understood through variety of disability lenses. Purchasing habits were more deeply understood and brand strengths and weaknesses identified. The packaging is being re-designed with this insight and a new marketing campaign is being planned.

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