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Inclusive research

OMD Worldwide Media, understanding intersectional experiences

Christine H

February 15, 2023

Christine H

February 15, 2023


To better understand the diversity of experiences within Disability in the UK. For OMD to support their clients, better communicate with and connect to this community, they wished to more broadly understand them.

Type of project:

Inclusive research




Multiple consumer industries




Desk, research, expert, interviews, an online survey (250 respondents), and six focus groups, each layering in a specific marginalised characteristic, in addition to Disability.


A detailed report was provided to OMD, which was then developed into a presentation for their clients. OMD facilitated a presentation of this along with open inclusion and other Disability leaders to a packed room of clients and potential clients in June 2021. It triggered client engagement and shaping up both communication strategies and marketing campaigns with some of Britain’s largest brands.

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