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Inclusive design

Major retail bank, enhancing the customer experience for people with additional needs that are defined by the FCA as “vulnerable customers”

Christine H

January 24, 2023

Christine H

January 24, 2023


To design a service that helps diverse banking customers find the adaptive and inclusive banking capability available to them that they prefer or need in a way that is respectful, and helpful and improves their experience.

Type of project:

Inclusive design




Banking and Finance


Digital, Customer Service


A survey and focus groups to understand the various challenges people experienced and when and how they may wish to tell the bank that they had additional needs. Design and co-design support and engagement. Usability testing of the initial product. Redesign for an in-app version and further usability testing of prototype and live assets. Authentic user talent and engagement for marketing materials development.


The initial new capability was very well received by customers that used it, but not very easy to find and staff were not so aware of it either. Once in-app the service had much greater uptake and positive CX impact. It also helps staff be aware of adaptive and inclusive services the bank offers.

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