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Inclusive design

Informing a fun, authentic beverage television advert

Christine H

February 15, 2023

Christine H

February 15, 2023


To ensure that the narrative with a disabled lead character was in line with the experiences of blind football lovers in East Africa. To help “bring it to life” informing an authentic, rich vibrancy of the experience of watching football with your brother and friends.

Type of project:

Inclusive design




Food and Beverages




We engaged our partner in Africa and set up two in-person focus groups with blind football lovers in Nairobi facilitated between in-room and virtually from London for script testing (including imagery). We also conducted 4 expert interviews with leaders in the blind community in Kenya.


The script was checked for any misunderstanding or risks, informed and progressed with fresh ideas grounded in the reality and imagination of participants living in the target market region. This allowed the agency and client to script and produce the spot more confidently. There is a link to the “Brothers” advert from The Stable under the images and it won Ad of the Day by The Drum when released (01/11/2022).

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