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Inclusive research

Industry aligned consumer perspectives

Christine H

February 15, 2023

Christine H

February 15, 2023


To understand the information and communication needs of disabled consumers at the decision making stage of product and service engagement.

Type of project:

Inclusive research


Business Disability Forum


Retail, Banking and Finance, Technology, Entertainment


Digital, Customer Service, Built Environment, Communications


Industry, interviews, a deep survey, including 250, respondents in the UK, covering a very broad range of needs, regions, and socio-economic backgrounds, a poll of +1,000 adults (non-disabled and Disabled for comparison), and focus groups


The work was delivered in sector specific reports and overall findings in time for the annual conference. It was launched publicly at the annual conference and is available to members and the public. We also presented the findings along with our client sponsor at the conference. This works from the base of a range of member initiatives since.

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