Open Up – a discussion with Josh Wintersgill

By Christine Hemphill | 31st August 2022

Juliette Burton our fabulous host had the opportunity to meet Josh Wintersgill and discuss all things innovative and entrepreneurial. You may know that Josh works with Open as our Head of Innovation and as well as the leader of the Simply Open Awards that we are running right now.

What you may not know is that Josh is a serial entrepreneur having created a number of commercial solutions to make air travel easier , safer and more dignified for disabled travellers. He is now also working to create an exciting new innovative community platform for Open Inclusion.

Listen as Josh and Juliette discuss inclusion-led innovation, the spark of commercial entrepreneurship and a host of simple solutions or life hacks that make it easier to overcome barriers that may otherwise exist for those with lived experiences of disability.

Would you like to apply for the Simply Open Awards?

If you would like to apply for the Simply Open Awards with a solution that helps you please do so. Just a few weeks are left as the entries close 14th September 2022.

There are some great prizes up for grabs (up to £2,000 in each category) and your ideas can help others with similar needs or barriers to overcome a challenge by learning from your ingenuity. Please share the opportunity with friends who may also have great ideas to share.

Would you like to contact Josh?

You can find Josh on:

  • Linked In
  • Instagram @JoshWintersgill
  • Twitter @Josh_Winters19
  • Or through our Awards email,