Open Accessibility Statement

Open Inclusion provides services to create compelling digital user experiences that are highly inclusive. We are committed to making our website informative, engaging and usable by all people, whatever their abilities, technology or preferences.

Customise our site to your needs

The site has been created to be as broadly usable as possible for everyone as it is.
However we know that you may have preferences or needs that are not supported without further modification. There are two ways you can customise our site to make it a better experience for you.

1. Use the buttons built into the site for visual adaptions

The buttons are placed on each page at the top, to the right of the navigation.

Accessibility icons

They allow you to make the text bigger, increase the colour contrast or remove the images. You can select more than one of these at the same time, e.g. high colour contrast with larger font size.

We remember your preferences as you browse through the website so you only need to select the buttons you prefer once per visit.

Larger text icon

Do you like the text a bit bigger?

Use the AA button to increase the text size.

Amend contrast

Do you like more colour contrast?

Use the contrast button to switch the pages into high contrast mode.

Text only

Do you like to view the text only without images?

Use the Text only button to remove all the images presenting the content as text only.

2. Adapt your computer to your needs

An alternative to improve your experience of this site is by customising your computer settings or setup. Through this you can have content spoken to you, change the colour-scheme, or increase font size for all sites you visit, not just our site.

If that sounds like it would be useful to you, we recommend you visit the Web Accessibility Initiative page or the BBC My Web, My Way. These describe how customisations can be made by you either using accessibility features of your computer, mobile or other digital device, or through installing assistive technologies.

Limitations of this site’s accessibility

While we’ve done a lot to ensure this site’s accessibility, you may find some limitations. For example, we always aim to communicate clearly and simply, however some of the articles on this site may require a reasonable level of technical understanding due to the nature of the content.

If neither of the above options resolves difficulties you may have accessing or interacting with our site, please let us know and we’ll try and help.

To assist us understand your difficulty quickly, it would help us if you would provide the information advised in Contacting Organisations about Inaccessible Websites in your request.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at or call +44 7478 335028.

All constructive feedback regarding the accessibility or usability of this website is welcome and will be carefully considered to make future improvements.

This accessibility statement was last updated on 10th January 2017 and follows British Standard BS 8878.