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Diverse insights create better solutions. Open Inclusion help you create products and services that are beautiful, inclusive and effective for everyone.

What We Do

Assess the Opportunity

Assess the Oportunity - Consumer Research and User Testing / Technical Audits / Organisation Maturity and

Solve for Today

Change Planning and Prioritisation / Technical Solutions / Training

Solve for Tomorrow

Strategy, Policy and Governance Support / Innovation Support / Measurement and Value Management

Open your brand to a wider audience

By drawing on insights from real users, we help you find the barriers in your customer experience for people with different needs. We then help you adapt your product or service to include solutions for these audiences.

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The inclusion market is big

Accessibility ensures people with disabilities can use your products and services. Inclusive design includes accessibility and then extends it. It helps:

  • People with disabilities
  • Older people who may not perceive themselves as disabled despite having age-related impairments such as reduced hearing or mobility
  • People with injuries or illness that create temporary access needs
  • People who are situationally impaired, operating a device or using a service in an environment that makes it difficult to do it as they generally would. Examples of situational access needs include: operating a mobile device with a cracked touch-screen, in bright sunlight or in a noisy environment; using a ticket machine in a cold place with gloves on; or accessing an information service that is in a different language.

Inclusion is for everyone. We all either have current access needs, or are temporarily able-bodied and will have needs in the future.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5In the UK, more than 12 million people have a disability. 1 in 5 of the population.
  • 33%Only 1 in 3 disabilities are obvious. Your customers’ access needs may not be apparent.
  • 50%Half of the UK’s population will be over 50 by the year 2020. Older age means a greater incidence of disability.
  • £249 billionThe value of the purple pound is £249 billion, equivalent to the GDP input of the UK financial services sector.
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Our power is people

Every user is unique. As inclusion professionals, we know we cannot anticipate every user need. That’s why we provide authentic user insight from a diverse research panel.

Our panel community is at the heart of what we do. It includes hundreds of people across the UK with disabilities and people getting older.

Our Panel Community Leads represent the main impairment communities within our panel and help keep us informed about issues and opportunities relevant to each.

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Who may be missing out on your brand?

Our team at Open can help you win and keep more customers by identifying, understanding and removing barriers that may be currently excluding 20-30% of your potential customers.

  • Are you confident that your customer experience is fully accessible and considers varying skill levels, confidence, and technology preferences?
  • Are you sure you are not excluding millions of potential customers?
  • Have you evaluated customer journeys including a diverse range of access needs and preferences?
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Amazing brands we've helped so far

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