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Diverse insights create better solutions. Open Inclusion help you create products and services that are beautiful, inclusive and effective for everyone.

Open your brand to a wider audience

Inclusive Design is great for everybody

By drawing on insights from real users, we help you find the barriers in your customer experience for people with different needs. We then adapt your product or service to include solutions for these audiences.

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Did you know?

  • By 2020 50% of the UK population will be over 50. With increasing age comes a greater incidence of disability.
  • Approximately 1 in 5 people in the UK identify themselves as disabled. That’s 12 million people. If you include chronic pain and shorter-term impairments such as those caused by illness or injury this rises to 1 in 3 people.

We can help you find the barriers in your customer experience for people with different needs, and then adapt your products and services to include solutions for these audiences, particularly those with vision, hearing, mobility/dexterity, cognitive or multiple impairments.

Bringing your brand to the Boomers

More than 1 in 3 Britons are currently over 50, of which 18% are over 65. Their numbers are growing rapidly as the post-war “Baby Boomers” age and reach retirement, and life expectancy extends. 1 in 2 people will be over 50 by 2020.

Older people are far more likely to have multiple and increasing impairments including changes to their hearing, sight, mobility and cognition requiring specific product or service adaptations. They often don’t consider themselves “impaired”, so don’t search out specific solutions. Degenerative conditions tend to start around age 50.

Additionally, older people often have lower skills and confidence in the digital environment. In a recent US based study, over 50% of online transactions commenced by those aged 65 or older were not completedFootnote [1].

They are, however, a great market for products and services. Older households hold a relatively high and growing proportion of discretionary income and total assets in the UK. Total spending by households headed by someone aged 65 or older was £145 billion in 2013, an increase of 33% over the previous 5 years.Footnote [2] There are over 1 million people in households over 65 who hold total assets over £1 million.

Footnote referrer [1] AiSquared CSUN 2014

Footnote referrer [2] AgeUK Later Life UK Factsheet 2015

How can Open help your business?

Inclusive design is great design for everyone.  We believe that most brands could be more valuable by attracting and effectively servicing a broader customer base, including those with specific access needs.

We work with our clients to make their brand stronger by delivering both a digital and physical customer experience that is better for all.

To do this we have brought together two businesses to create Open Inclusion –

  • Hassell Inclusion, with deep digital expertise incorporating visual and UI design, development and quality assurance across all interfaces; your watch, phone or computer or the ATMs, service kiosks and payment terminals provided to customers.
  • Mary-Anne Rankin Limited, with deep authentic user research capability supported by a robust understanding of inclusive customer service and physical environment solutions.

Combined, we offer organisations a wide range of services, that cover all service channels to provide better brand experiences and stronger business outcomes:

  • Consumer Research, User Testing and WCAG Testing
  • Planning and Prioritisation
  • Technical Solutions
  • Training
  • Strategy, Policy and Governance Support
  • Innovation Support
  • Measurement and Value Management

Is inclusion your new market?

What kind of new customer growth would you like? Are there people you are excluding unintentionally from engaging with your organisation or who wish to be engaging more deeply but can’t?

This market is big!

It includes, older customers, young customers, customers for whom your business language is not their native one, those with lower literacy levels and those with disabilities or impairments.

“There are more digital customers who are hearing impaired in the USA, than the total digital customer base in Spain.”

- Source: World Bank (WDI, 2008)

“There are more digital customers who are sight impaired in the USA alone, than the total digital customer base in Canada.”

- Source: (NHI Survey, 2008)

Could you benefit?

  • Are you sure you are not excluding millions of potential customers?
  • Have you evaluated your disabled customer journey?
  • Are you confident that your customer experience is fully accessible?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, give us a call to explore how we can help.

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